Živa Moškrič


Drama Classics, 2024

Monoprint, ink, digital painting

An ongoing self-initiated project combining my love of theatre and books.

The illustrations represent my personal interpretation of the texts, focusing on the characters. I created these illustrations through an intuitive process – exploring the protagonists’ emotional journeys visually through colour, texture and shape; adding and taking away until they were complete.

Thumbelina, 2020.

Ink, monoprint, coloured pencils, digital editing

The day you learned to fly, 2023.

Ink, digitally coloured and edited

A set of illustrations and patterns created during Jehane Boden Spiers’ Your Creative Gold course.

Tigerhug, 2022.

Ink, digitally coloured

Heirloom, 2022.

Ink, acrylic, digital editing

Spring Reflections, 2021.

Journal cover
Ink, acrylic, colour pencils, digital editing

To Your Right Summer Opens, 2021

Ink, acrylic, colour pencils, 30 cm x 30 cm

Lockdown Journals, 2020

Ink, digitally edited

Explorers: Canis Major, 2013

Ink, inkjet print, digital illustration
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